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NOVEMBER 17, 2019
Dear ones, welcome to our message. Many of you find yourselves confused, depressed, and even entertaining the sense of wanting to give up and go home. Yes, give up, but let it be a giving up of fighting, resisting, and fearing three dimensional illusions. Old, false, and obsolete creations are sustained through the energy of belief in their reality.
We are not saying to stick your head in the sand or pretend all is well while shouting; "God is all" in the presence of some disaster, for this would be pretending a state of consciousness not yet attained. In the absolute everything is perfect, but most have not yet attained that level of awareness.
We are saying that the time has come to seriously accept that a spiritual reality underlies all outer appearances because nothing else exists. You cannot make something out of nothing. Everything in the physical world, the good and as well as the bad, is a mind interpretation of the spiritual reality underlying it.
The mind is an avenue of awareness that draws its interpretations from the state of consciousness of the individual or collective. As mankind evolves, the outer scene automatically also evolves. Everyone is a creator regardless of their attained level of spiritual awareness because the core essence of everyone is Divine Consciousness.
Good humanhood is no more real than bad humanhood. So don't overly rejoice or regret in outer appearances for both are illusory concepts of a bigger reality. Know that good appearances have no good in and of themselves but represent a deeper reality. Seek the reality that is expressing as the good. The bouquet of roses is not good in and of itself, but represents life, beauty, perfection, caring, love.
Appearances that reflect duality and separation have no law to support or maintain them other than the energy they are fed through belief. It is time to stop feeding them with energies of fear, resistance, attachment, denial etc. You have been preparing though lifetimes and are now ready to do whatever needs to be done personally or globally from the higher levels of awareness you have attained.
Some of you have been discovering new ideas for art or science. The higher frequencies of Light now flowing to earth are allowing many individuals to re-access knowledge and abilities they were forced to shelve long ago when the energy of earth became too dense to support them. Healers especially, are starting to remember ideas and techniques involving color, sound, oils, crystals, and more that they themselves once used in ancient temples of beauty and healing.
We wish to speak of allowing. Most of you have read books and listened to channels teaching you to love everything which is a very high resonating truth. However, trying to do this has resulted in confusion and consternation for many who simply cannot understand how to love the negative experiences that they themselves and others have had or are presently undergoing.
The three dimensional collective holds very narrow ideas of what constitutes love. You have all been programmed through many lifetimes to think of love as an emotion involving some person or persons, places, things etc. This limiting definition of love still resonates in the consciousness of even the most spiritually evolved making it impossible to love everything that arises and creating a dilemma for the serious student of truth.
Change the phrase "love whatever arises" to "allow whatever arises". When you allow whatever arises from your highest level of spiritual awareness, you are loving whatever arises. To see, understand, and accept something from a level of knowing the truth that underlies the appearance is love because you are in alignment with reality--oneness
God has and never can express ITself as pain and suffering or lack and limitation for these things are not embodied in Divine Consciousness. Attempts to love something strictly from a human sense of love
is very limiting because it ignores the deeper reality.
Unwanted experiences usually appear when you are ready to shift to a new and higher spiritual level because they expose some old belief you are still in alignment with and wouldn't address otherwise. Allowing removes the burden of struggling to love something you do not like.
Allowing is accepting whatever arises from your highest level of spiritual awareness. You will find that the issues plaguing you, others, or the world, begin to assume a less toxic role in your life. Many of these experiences are facets of the ascension process necessary for the spiritual evolution of mankind in general who at some point will begin to ask themselves if there is a better way of living.
You will continue to see and interact with negative events, but when you "allow" from a higher perspective, you aren't aligning with them as you do when attempting to love in the human sense, some negative person, place, event, or thing.
You are moving to new levels of Being, learning to rest in your Divine Selfhood rather than allowing the thoughts, worries, and concepts of the third dimension to take dominion. This is trust. Not a blind trust in some person, power, or unknown God in the sky, but a trust that flows from a conscious realization of your oneness with Source.
You cannot really allow until you can really trust, and you cannot really trust until you can at least somewhat accept the truth about what you are trusting--that the Self sustained, Self maintained Godhead is fully present and able to function through you when acknowledged and integrated as your consciousness. To put one's trust in anything less is to trust concepts with feet of clay.
Evolution is every individual's journey of learning the reality of who and what they are. It is accepting that God is expressing ITself in and as every living thing because it is the one and only life. It is realizing that; " I no longer need to keep seeking, searching, begging, praying, and offering up sacrifices for what has always been fully present within."
Let "I Am that I Am" become your mantra, your heart song, and response to all you witness in these turbulent times of shifting energies.
Be what you are, now. No more procrastination, It is time and you are prepared and ready.
We are the Arcturian Group 11/17/19


November 9, 2019    
The Resonant Response Frequency      
Copyright © 2019 David K. Miller
All Rights Reserved 
No part of this may be reproduced in any way without the prior written consent of David K. Miller,
Founder & Director, Group of Forty
P.O. Box 4074 Prescott, AZ 86302 USA
     Greetings, this is Juliano. We are the Arcturians!  We will introduce the theme today called the "Resonant Response Frequency". The "Resonant Response Frequency" is a term that is used in vibrational energy work and spiritual meditations and your ascension work. Learning about this term provides you an opportunity to integrate the concepts in the new physics with your spiritual development. The Resonant Response Frequency refers to that particular vibration which resonates with your core Self. Each person has a core frequency. I am sure that you have noticed that some people have a lower core frequency, and others have a higher core frequency. There are also hidden frequencies that you respond to. When I say hidden, that may be that the frequency may not be in your normal consciousness.

     If you are in the presence of an Ascended Master, and they begin to emit a frequency of light that you resonate with, then you will manifest what I call the "Resonant Response Frequency". This frequency, this vibration, is part of your whole soul makeup. The higher frequency from the Ascended Master will be activated within you. In the presence of an Ascended Master of higher light, you can respond and resonate with his/her energy. "Resonation" or "resonate" refers to the fact that two frequencies are in alignment or are close to each other. They could be close to each other in terms of quarters, halves, or full waves, as opposed to unequal or odd waves, such as, five eighths, three fifths and one fifth. In the terminology of the new physics and radio and electronic magnetic propagation, frequencies that are in tune with each other usually have symmetrical numerical values, such as twos, fours, sixes and eights. Therefore, it would be easier for someone to resonate with a frequency that is in its numerical categorization and is divisible in similar numerical order.

     I would like to refer to what I call the "hidden Resonant Response Frequency" because this is an important terminology in your work to activate other Starseeds. This means that there are many people who have resonant frequencies to higher energy, but they are still sleeping and are unawakened. However, they will respond to the activation energy if you are able to activate their hidden response frequency. Once they hear and are influenced by someone who is emitting this higher vibration, then they can awaken. They will be activated. I am sure that, at this time on the planet, we all agree that it is time for all the Starseeds to awaken. It is time for there to be a mass activation. The most effective response frequency that all Starseeds can resonate with may come from a first contact, that is, it may come from an extraterrestrial or higher dimensional being who has the "secret" knowledge and ability to issue a frequency that will awaken everyone.

     There is a planetary healing concept called the "Global Resonance Response Frequency". This energy is contained in the concept of the Messiah and the Messianic Light. Part of the idea of the Messiah is that this beautiful energetic person will know how to immediately fix the unsolvable problems which are confronting humanity. The messianic person would also know how to emit a frequency that the entire global community could respond to, and that means even those who are polarized and of lower consciousness will be raised to a higher frequency. Those of lower consciousness would require a special activation energy.

     This leads me to the vibrational characteristics of humanity and of the Earth. Each planet in this galaxy has its own vibrational resonant frequency, which means, according to the laws of spiritual energy, that you are attracted to and you incarnate in a planet that is in alignment with your resonant frequency.  The Earth, then, is in alignment with you and your frequency. You were attracted and you chose to come to the Earth. You are working to shift or raise your resonant response frequency so that you can enter the Fifth Dimension. You chose coming to the Earth at this time because the necessary training and experiences were here and are available to prepare you and train you for your fifth-dimensional entry into the higher realms.

     You have to resonate at a certain frequency in order to enter the Fifth Dimension. You are able to get this type of training to raise your core frequency on the Earth. This idea is shocking to many people because many people ask me: "Why do I have to be here? I am ready to leave this planet immediately. I do not want to go through these Earth experiences." I explain to them that you worked hard in your soul journey and soul review in order to come to the Earth, because on a soul level you knew that there are the right experiences necessary for you to raise your soul frequency here on the Earth. You knew that there would be vibrations available here on the Earth that you would be able to resonate with, and therefore be able to use them to elevate your core soul frequency.

     The concept of the Resonant Response Frequency ties in beautifully to the Ascension, because the Ascension represents a new frequency and new vibration. You do not have to be at the level of the fifth in order to resonate and respond to that ascension frequency. Remember, I explained that your frequency could be a half, or a fourth, of the total response of the primary frequency. As long as you are in a vibrational, numerical harmonic balance with the Ascension Energy, then you can resonate with it.

     It is easier to resonate with the Ascension when you are around an Ascended Master who is issuing the frequency so that you could respond and feel the energy. But if and when you are activated for the Ascension, then you can easily respond. We have several core personal and planetary frequencies that we are talking about. First, we have the core frequency of the Earth. Second, we have the core frequency of Arcturus.  Third, we have the core frequency of ascension, and finally we have the core frequency of Ascended Masters. There are also different resonant frequencies on different planets in the galaxy.  Interestingly, there are even different frequencies on planets in different galaxies. That means that the Andromeda galaxy contains planets that have different core frequencies than might be available on the Earth.

     Everything, all life, all planets, all plants and animals vibrate, and they all vibrate at a specific frequency. Your soul group also vibrates at a particular frequency. When you meet people who are close to your soul group or who are in your soul group, then you begin to resonate with them. Naturally, you want to seek out people who are on your same core frequency. These observations relate to the new physics because these principles of vibrations and frequencies and resonating and being in a harmonic balance with others of similar frequencies are explained similarly in the subatomic or quantum world.

     Frequency waves are explained in the theory of the electromagnetic radiation and radio waves. I want to use the example again of radios and radio waves to help explain how to improve your abilities to resonate with the higher frequencies, and also how to protect yourself. This means that, when you are in a higher frequency, and if this experience may be a new experience for you, then you want to protect yourself so that you are not "brought down" by a lower frequency. People who are trained and have higher mastery can maintain their higher frequency, even in the face of lower energy or frequencies.

     People who are sensitive to energies are called "empaths", that is, those who are feeling other people's energies and are dramatically affected by them. Empaths may not have the proper protective shielding so that they will not be brought down to a lower level. Adding to this is the fact that there are lower beings, especially in the lower, fourth dimension who are intruding on the Earth now. These are sometimes called ghosts or lower spirits. I often refer to them as parasitic spirits because they many want to attach to you and seek to bring you down to a lower level. There are various ways of dealing with this, and ways of protecting yourself, including using crystals, special stones, guardian angels.  One can also do specific Kabbalistic incantations for protection. The lower spirits cannot tolerate higher energy, and it is important to know how to hold a higher energy for protection.

     I will return again to the radio analogy and spiritual frequencies. As you may know, the radio technology has advanced dramatically in the past 100 years, including the development of more sensitive receivers, and better signal-to-noise ratio, and being able to isolate on a crowded radio spectrum different frequencies. Even if you have the most sophisticated receiver, you still have to know how to tune in to the frequency that you want, and that requires training, knowledge, and specific skill in receiving operations. You may have the most sensitive receiver, and I know that many of you are empaths and sensitive receivers, but you still have to have the skill to hold that frequency and how to weed out or block interfering frequencies. There could be interfering frequencies from lower spirits. There could be even interfering frequencies from people you are living with or neighbors. These interfering energies or frequencies can block your receptivity and sensitivity. That means that if they do block your sensitivity and receptivity, then you might not be able to focus and receive the higher energy that you wish to.

     I want to make something very clear:  You really have to be very sensitive to receive higher light and higher energy. There are many reasons for this that we are continually explaining and discussing. The most obvious reason is the way that Western society, modern society, has trained you in your ability to use your brain and use your receptivity. Remember, we frequently talk about the Reticular Activating System, which is a neurological system that is in the base of the brain, and that system controls your attentiveness.  It controls what you are attentive to, and this system can be programmed. For example, if you want to be attentive to the baby crying in your house, and you are in a deep sleep, and all of a sudden, the baby cries, then the Reticular Activating System would help you to wake up immediately and go into the room to see what is going on with the baby.  There could even be another noise, such as the television coming on, or maybe a radio or some other external noise occurring. But that noise would not wake you up.

     This is a good example because it shows you that you can train your brain into which frequency you want to be attuned to. In the case of the mother and the child, the mother has programmed her Reticular Activating System to be attuned to the crying of her child, and all other signals are filtered out. This is good, and it is a good demonstration of the receiver and a good demonstration of the frequency response, and it is a good demonstration also about how to make yourself more sensitive to those frequencies that you feel are important. In your case as Starseeds and as ascension students, you want to sensitize yourself as much as possible to the new light and new frequencies.  This requires some programming in your brain, in your Reticular Activating System, so that in the face of interfering signals or noise, you are able to filter out those signals and that noise that are not relevant. At the same time you are able to respond to the spiritual energy and light that is coming from the Fifth Dimension.

     Let me return to the example of the mother and the child. The child may only be crying softly.  You might think in order for the mother to hear the child, it has to be a loud crying. But especially some of you mothers will know that even a very small, soft cry could be enough to wake you up. A small baby's cry would be enough so that your wakeful filtering system could pick up the information and the distress from the child, even if it is not a strong frequency.

     In other examples of empathic reception, we find that, telepathically, you can receive signals from people who are even at great distances from you. This is truly amazing. Think about the sensitivity of the receiver for a moment. I am going to use the example of radio receivers again. One comes from 1950 and one comes from 2019, and the one from 2019 has all the higher-end, latest computer edition's software, and it could pick up signals and receive signals with greater clarity than the station that was built in 1950 which did not have the computer technology that is now available. You have specific "software" that you could download into your brain in order to program yourself to have this sensitivity. There are also ways to help you become more in attunement with the resonant frequency of other people close to you and also to Ascended Masters that you wish. That means that you can strengthen your Resonant Response Frequency to other higher spiritual masters.

     Let us talk about how you can strengthen your Resonant Response Frequency, because in the example of the mother and child, this is an example of an instinctual response programming. The mother may not necessarily have to train herself to hear the child, because this is part of her DNA programming in her Reticular Activating System. The mother is automatically, intuitively, empathically, connected to her child, and this is occurring in part because she carried the child for nine months. We are talking now about establishing the sensitivity to the ascension frequencies, to higher spiritual frequencies, and even to the frequencies of telepathic communication with Ascended Masters throughout the galaxy.

     I am now going to list some ways that you can strengthen your sensitivity to the response frequencies. The first is to be around other people who share your interest and ability to connect with higher frequencies. The second method is to read books about masters and study higher frequencies or higher master's writings. Some of you may find the motivation to raise your frequency response by reading the Bible, or in the Bhagavad Gita, or in the Book of Tao, or in other channeled material that has been brought through. You can study the life of Jesus would be another example, or the Buddha.  We support spiritual studies; we support reading books about spirituality and meditating on spiritual matters. We also support programming crystals with spiritual light. We also support going to power spots or sacred spots around the planet, because these sacred spots are holding the frequency vibration of higher energy.  An example of such a place would be the Dome of the Rock which is in Jerusalem.

     We have helped to download a Ladder of Ascension at the Dome of the Rock. This Dome of the Rock has a great deal of spiritual energy. It is the place where the Israelites built the first temple on the rock, and then of course, it was eventually destroyed.  It is the place where it is believed that Abraham was to sacrifice Isaac, and in the Muslim religion they believe that Abraham was going to sacrifice his son Ishmael. This is the place where Mohammed had a night journey and went up to heaven from the Dome of the Rock. The Dome of the Rock actually is a rock, and they built a dome around it so that when you, as a spiritual seeker, go there, you begin to feel that energy. There is a high thoughtform vibrational energy there that makes it a sacred place, and if you have seen pictures of the Dome of the Rock, then you know that it is a golden dome, and it has been standing there for 1500 years or more. It has the collected energy vibration of millions of seekers of light, and this is one of the reasons why we wanted to download the Ladder of Ascension there. It is also a place where higher dimensional beings visit the Earth.

     There are other sacred places besides the Dome of the Rock. We have talked a lot about Stonehenge, and additionally we have attempted to activate the 12 etheric crystal areas to indicate that these areas are becoming sacred energy spots where you can go to practice increasing your sensitivity. There are many famous places that the Native Americans use in North America, such as the Black Hills of North Dakota.  There are famous sacred areas in Sedona, Arizona, such as Bell Rock. We could continue to name places throughout the world that are holders of the spiritual light. The point is that when you visit these places, then you are training yourself to become more receptive to receive these higher spiritual vibrations.

     Think about telepathic energy and telepathic communication, and think about remote viewing or remote energy work. The idea is that you must have intense concentration to receive this energy, and you must open up a part of your brain that you normally have not been trained to use. This leads me to the concept of the shamanistic training, because the shamanistic training begins often at a very young age. The person who is to be the shaman must have the telepathic ability to communicate with spirits and with other worlds, and to receive information and telepathic communication from the other worlds.  But it is better that you can train somebody to do this when they are very young, because then you have a better openness in the neural pathways for developing the sensitivity necessary for telepathy. It is still possible to become a shamanistic healer when you are older, but you have to overcome certain neurological blocks.

     Remember that your Western society and cultural training does not encourage extra-dimensional or higher dimensional connections. You are trained for computer connections and for smartphone connections.  You have to overcome quite a bit of blocks in order to be sensitive to your Resonant Response Frequencies.  I, therefore, think it is amazing that all of you have become so attuned to these higher spiritual frequencies because there is a great deal of density and a great deal of blockages towards higher dimensional energy in the Western world.

     One question that I have frequently been asked: "What about these 5G energies that are coming from electromagnetic radiation of the fifth generation smartphones or the iPhones?"  There is a lot of discussion about how the 5G energies may be harmful to your aura. This is all true, that it has the potential for being harmful to your aura, but I think that there are ways that you could integrate the energies using special techniques. The point I want to make is that because the 5G is at a higher response frequency than the 4G, (and we are talking, e.g., going from 800 gigahertz to 1200 or 1500 gigahertz), because it is at a higher response frequency, then it is coming closer to the paths of frequencies that are on the telepathic energy wavelength. Therefore, my concern is that being around the 5G without protection can influence and block some of your sensitive telepathic abilities, and some of your abilities to receive higher energy from the Fifth Dimension.

     The spiritual frequencies are at a high frequency level. It still is amazing that the speed of thought is faster than the speed of light, because at the speed of thought you can go to places around this galaxy instantaneously. You know that you could not travel instantaneously to other parts of the galaxy at the speed of light, because it would still take you hundreds or thousands of years to travel across the galaxy. It would take you approximately thirty-six light years, or thirty-six years if you were traveling at the speed of light, to come to Arcturus.

     In summary then, the idea is that you do certain exercises, including being around higher spiritually minded people, reading spiritual books, using crystals and going to sacred places in order to enhance your abilities to receive the energy. I will now give you specific instructions to program your Reticular Activating System so that you could at the highest level receive spiritual energies. This would be in comparison to the mother who could hear her baby cry. Now you can be programmed to receive the spiritual signals in the midst of all the other noise that is going around on this planet.

     Before we get into that exercise, there are several others points I want to make. I gave you positive things to do in order to enhance your spiritual receptivity. Now I want to talk more about protecting yourself. One of the ways you can protect yourself is by withdrawing from negative energy.  You may reach the conclusion that, as hard as you try, you still cannot protect yourself from the energies that are of lower vibration. You, of course, want to be tuned only into the higher vibrations, but the energy of the lower vibration can be affecting you. So, what are you to do? One of the main defenses you can use is withdrawing from that energy if possible. This was practiced in ancient times because people, who were in training to be an Ascended Master and to be enlightened, would go into a cave. Inside the cave they would have control over what frequencies they were exposed to, and it would be easier to only focus on higher light and to receive it.

     This is a good technique, but in this modern age this procedure of withdrawing into a cave does not work. For one thing, there probably are not that many caves around that are available, and for another, we need you lightworkers to be here, on the planet, interacting with society. One of the interesting ascension practices is that you need to be involved in the world in some way, which is different than in ancient times. You could be so enlightened that you would be in the middle of New York's Times Square and still be able to hold the higher energy and light. That is not a goal for your work, but that is an expression of the metaphor of being able to be in this world and hold fifth-dimensional energy. In this ascension work, we are encouraging you and it is necessary to be part of this world. So, no withdrawing into a cave! Sorry!

     The other point I wanted to make was that you want to be as sensitive as possible to the ascension energies. Look at all of the different energies that are around. There are a lot of different spiritual groups. You want to focus on a specific, ascending, higher frequency. You have to train yourself for that. The ascension experience is a frequency or vibration of energy. You now are training yourself to be on the resonant frequency of the Ascension.  When somebody is giving you information, or giving you ideas, or leading new discussions about the Ascension, then you want to be receptive to it. Ultimately, we are talking about an emitting of a sound that is going to set up the resonant frequency vibrations for the Ascension. Sometimes the sound has been referred to as Gabriel's Horn or Trumpet. The hearing of this sound would be so intense that it will be enough to send you into the vibrational ascension state.

     Let me be clear again about Resonant Frequency Response. You do not have to be at that higher state of the original frequency, but you have to be in harmonic balance or a complementary state, so that when you hear that frequency, you immediately will be elevated. Some people might doubt whether or not they can ascend. I am sure you have heard the arguments just like I have: "I am not good enough" is one argument, or "I have not reached the spiritual level that I need to be," or "I have not completed all my karma, therefore I cannot ascend." There are many different excuses that people offer about why they cannot ascend, or why they are not ready to ascend. My point is that you can ascend, as long as you are in the resonant frequency range of the vibrational energy of ascension.

     It is interesting that the Ascension Sound has never been reproduced and will not be reproduced until the actual Ascension. At the same time, when you hear that ascension vibration, you will immediately know what it is. The Arcturians have also offered certain exercises to sensitize you to the vibrations and to frequency responses, including the shimmering, and the Cosmic Egg exercises. The "shimmering" exercise accomplishes many things, including healings and helping you to bilocate and thought project. Did you know that shimmering can also help sensitize you more to higher frequencies?  By shimmering, you are improving your sensitivity to fifth-dimensional frequencies. You want you to be as receptive and sensitive as possible.

     Now we are going to lead you in a meditation to reprogram or deepen the program in your Reticular Activating System, so that you can become more sensitive to the higher spiritual vibrations, and especially the spiritual vibrations of the Ascension.

     Take three deep breaths. Become aware of your brain, and become aware of your brain stem, which is extending down from the back of your brain. Know that you are now in your mind, which is an energy field that interacts energetically above the brain. The mind transcends the brain. You could look at your mind as the operator, the brain as the computer. You are both, in your mind and in your brain, and I want you to visualize and go to that place in your brain that is in the brain stem area, called the Reticular Activating System. It is a group of neurons. If you could see the system, it would be like seeing computer chips inside your computer. You would look at it and ask, "What is this?" There is no on/off switch that you can see, and you know in higher computer boards, everything is molded together and streamlined. The mind can go anywhere, so direct your mind to go to the Reticular Activating System.

     Now, when you are there, say a friendly "hello" to your Reticular Activating System, just like you are visiting your heart or kidneys or your lungs. Just say "Hello, here I am. I am here today to interact with you. I am here to download a new program and to expand an existing program within your realm."  Ask for permission to strengthen that program from your Higher Self and from your brain.

     Now we are going to use this download which says: "I am opening my Reticular Activating System to become more sensitive to fifth-dimensional energies on all levels. I am downloading instructions to my Reticular Activating System to be open to fifth-dimensional energies on all levels." Let us go into meditation as you concentrate on these affirmations. You could reformulate that affirmation to the way it best suits you. We will go into silence and focus on that meditation, and then we will download it.  (Tones)

     Let those words of this affirmation be transferred into your Reticular Activating System as special instructions. You only need to say: "I am now downloading these new instructions into my Reticular Activating System." At the count of three... one, two, three. It is now being downloaded. You are now becoming more deeply, more strongly sensitized to all fifth-dimensional energies that are coming into this planet now. (Tones) Let that new affirmation be firmly downloaded into your Reticular Activating System, making you more sensitive to your empathic abilities. You will become receptive, more sensitive on all levels; this includes the ability to communicate with other Starseeds.

     I know that many of you are alone. You may not feel connected to other Starseeds, but by doing this activation, you are going to be more in communications with those who might be around you in your area.  You are going to find greater ways to connect to existing people throughout a group, and to all spiritual energies around this planet. There are many spiritual lightworkers and spiritual forces being transmitted now to this Earth. In spite of all of the polarizations and destruction you are seeing, please remember that there is tremendous spiritual energy being downloaded now onto Earth, and by doing this activation and downloading today, you will be more receptive and  better able to integrate and receive all spiritual energy coming from the Fifth Dimension. And so it shall be.
I am Juliano. Good day.
David K. Miller
Founder / Director
Group of Forty

Monday, November 11, 2019



Keeper of The Diamond Light Codes 

~ 11:11 Gateway Alignment ~
I (Your name) now align my whole being to the Pure Source Light Codes coming to us on this

11:11 Gateway
I Invoke these Pure Source Light Codes to pass through every
atoms, cells, electrons,
within this form of mine
Flowing through, filling and renewing
every cell of my mind and body, right now - only leaving my true essens.
I stand open and gratefully receive these powerful key codes of Light from the Galactic Diamond * the Great Central Sun
and so it is !!!


Light incoded picture : Ulrikke Aagaard

Sunday, November 10, 2019


The 2020’s: The Decade of Awakening ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.
We are very excited about the twists and turns that you all have in front of you. We are talking about the major changes that are coming to all of your systems. And we are very interested in witnessing exactly how you move from the political, economic, educational, and other systems that you have in place now. You are moving towards a time of greater enlightenment, and that means more freedom. It means less oppression and less adversarial relationships with one another. Soon it will be one, unified human collective, instead of right versus left, rich versus poor, and one race versus another race.
There will be less identification with who you have been as your minds and hearts are expanded by your experiences. Most of the limiting beliefs that are held on Earth right now are held because of a limited scope of experience. But just as you have those planned chakra upgrades, you also have other experiences that are going to shift everything about how you view yourselves and your relationship to the rest of humanity, the Earth, and the galaxy. These experiences will come to you in a variety of ways. It will really depend on the individual and what you are ready for, but we are ready to call the next decade of the 20’s as the decade of awakening.
You are going to see not only people in your lives who you never would have expected to awaken, awakening, and you are also going to go even further with your own awakening experience. You are going to know yourself differently, from a broader perspective. You will have more memories, and you will be able to connect to so many other beings, both physical and non-physical. And all that broadens your perspective is going to make these polarized, antiquated systems that you have in place seem very silly.
You all take the beliefs you cling to much too seriously. We would love to see more of you laughing at yourselves for getting all worked up about what someone else believes or what they’re saying. Live your lives in the present moment and connected to your hearts, and prepare yourselves for the mass awakening that is coming because it is coming, and it’s coming to your neighborhood. It certainly is coming to your consciousness, as you who are receiving this transmission have proven yourselves ready for more, and we are excited to see what you will do next, because we know it will be fantastic, and we know it will be just the beginning.
We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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NOVEMBER 3, 2019
Dear readers, welcome once again to our message. We are very happy to see so many of you beginning to release fear and move into your true nature as sons and daughters of truth rather than continuing to live as human beings at the mercy of every three dimensional concept and belief still resonating in three dimensional collective consciousness.
You are evolving more quickly as intense high frequency energies increase. These higher dimensional energies are causing those who do not understand what is taking place to lash out with fear and panic in an attempt to return changing physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual issues back to the status quo that they are familiar with.
Change is happening and you are going to witness it become increasingly more intense. Fire and the other elements are Gaia's tools for clearing old and dense energy. Know that the many dear ones suffering from these things at this time volunteered to go through this--not consciously, but pre-birth. Fire is a powerful tool for clearing old energy, allowing and often even forcing a person to examine their belief system with new eyes.
Those who have held mankind in bondage for eons are being exposed, These people go back a very long time continuing to function in service to self as "power over" from generation to generation. The energy of the collective is becoming too bright and high for them to continue as they always have. It is a new time dear ones. Hold to your center at all times and in all circumstances despite outer appearances. Know that much is taking place behind the scenes that you are not yet aware of. All is as it should be.
We wish to speak about personal peace. The peace that can only arise from where it exists--within. A peace that expresses consciously and unconsciously through words and actions that reflect oneness.
You are all aware of people who live ordinary lives from a consciousness of oneness and yet who never even think of it in terms of spirituality or unconditional love. It is simply who they are.
Peace consciousness is attained through living, learning, and experiencing in many, many lifetimes. This is why those who automatically live from unconditional love are often referred to as "old souls".
Most humans are as of yet unaware of the higher dimensions. This is because three dimensional energy cannot align with the higher frequencies. This is why many remain "stuck" (ghosts) and do not move on after death. Because they continue to align only with third dimensional energy, they remain attached to familiar people, places, and things, unable to see their Guides and those waiting to assist them into the next phase of their journey.
Once a certain level of spiritual awareness is attained and becomes a state of consciousness, the person can never revert back to their previous or outgrown state. Many on earth at this time incarnated having already attained a very evolved state of consciousness. They appear to be living ordinary lives and can be found quietly serving the ascension process in ordinary ways and in all professions and belief systems.
They are you.
Three dimensional solutions for peace between individuals are always birthed from concepts of separation. Globally, attempts for peace also based in separation have the added elements of "power over" and force considered to be acceptable. The energetic clearings taking place at this time personally and globally are necessary because the dense resonating energy the world has always known can never align with the peace and love it seeks.
Problem relationships believed to be resolved and cleared are surfacing once again for many. Energy clears in layers as an individual is spiritually prepared to do the work. This is especially true with intense and long buried cellular memories. If an issue with some person, place, or thing has reappeared in your life it indicates that you are now ready for its next and usually final clearing. See it as a graduation, not a failure.
Karmic situations between people begins when negative experiences either from long ago or the present remain alive and well in cellular memory. This energy is then carried by both through many lifetimes and becomes what is termed karma. Karma is not a punishment as so many believe but is simply an energy imbalance needing to be cleared or brought into alignment.
The attempt to bring peace and resolution to some problem relationship from a higher level is often met with resistance from the other or others who prefer continuing to live from victim consciousness. If this happens do not align with the other's lower resonating energy in an attempt to meet them at their level of awareness for this simply feeds and prolongs energies that may go back many lifetimes. This does not mean you cannot speak to them at their level of understanding, but means that you do not align your energy with theirs. This is spiritual empowerment.
If peaceful resolution is not possible because the other simply refuses, it can be done without them. A spiritually aware individual can clear an existing karmic situation without the permission or cooperation of the other who is not willing or ready. This is how you do that--
Set aside a specific time when you will not be interrupted. Center, meditate, clear your energy field, and firmly state your intention; Example--"In the presence of my Higher Self and my Guides, I choose to once and for all clear all remaining negative energy with...state the name." Use your own words because it is your intention. Make it as long and inclusive as you want. Silently acknowledge the other person's Light as a Divine Being even though they may not be interested or ready to know anything about this. Visualize the reality of them as pure Light. When you do this you are acknowledging their true nature and not the illusory sense of them you have come to know.
Remove any and all energy cords to the person. Ask your Guides for help if you want. Visualize your hands as Light entering into the solar plexus area and removing and all cords and their roots. You may or may not become aware of a long and very old cord. Simply allow the process and when it feels complete, lovingly hand the cord back to the other and fill the empty space with golden white Light.
You are now ready to let it go and move on. You will soon discover that further interactions with the person/persons are not so draining or difficult as they once were because you will no longer be carrying this dense energetic burden.
If the other continues to seek negative interaction do not be afraid to speak your truth from a place of spiritual empowerment and remove them from your life knowing that if you indulge the situation again at its original old energetic level, you once again create energetic cords and karma.
For a period of time the mind will continue to remind you of old hurts because it is trying to help you but is doing it from levels you have since outgrown. Think of your mind as a friend walking by your side who is trying to help you from an incomplete level of understanding. Mind automatically reprograms as a person spiritually evolves because mind draws from and forms the outer from the person's state of consciousness.
Because like attracts like (One always seeking to be whole), thoughts and beliefs floating around in the collective that are in alignment with your energy will be drawn to you. These thoughts are impersonal and never become yours unless you accept and claim them as yours. Everyone still carries a bit of old energy that will act to attract similar energy from the collective.
Your job is not to panic and go into resistance when some unwanted thought floats through, but rather to simply recognize it as being impersonal and that somehow you attracted it. Replace the thought with the truth about whatever it represents and examine your belief system because there is no unexpressed consciousness. Even the little hidden bits will continue to express until cleared.
Example; A hypochondriac will attract all sorts of random impersonal thoughts and beliefs about disease. When they claim some or perhaps focus on one in particular they firmly establish it as their state of consciousness often creating the disease for themselves while adding more energy and power to their already established consciousness of disease.
Never resist negative thoughts when they come floating through (and they will), because that only gives them a power and substance they do not have. Simply recognize them for what they really are. One day you realize that you are no longer attracting many old familiar thoughts and ideas.
Karma is not always between people, but can be about the need to move beyond an old belief system that has governed throughout many lifetimes. For example-- If a person has lived many lifetimes strongly attached to the teachings of a particular religion and pre-birth realizes that they are spiritually ready to move beyond it, they may choose to incarnate into a family that holds those same beliefs in order re-activate them once again. Now sufficiently prepared to see the old belief system from the level of a more expanded consciousness, he/she is able to release the energetic ties and move on.
Always know that real and lasting peace is a state of consciousness that cannot be acquired through effort and actions from outside of self although at this time some human footsteps remain necessary. Always remember that real peace is already fully present within every person whether or not they are aware of it.
Peace is the natural fruitage of a consciousness that knows; "There is only One".
Claim the infinite peace that lives in and as you just awaiting recognition-- that which will "never leave nor forsake you" -- That which you are.
We are the Arcturian Group 11/3/19