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Multiple Realities 7
Swirling Patterns of Light

Mytre and I had quietly listened to the Arcturian’s latest Transmission to Earth. We realized that this message also meant that we would soon be bi-locating to the timeline of our Pleiadian ascension. Mytria had been telling me about that timeline, as I had forgotten it. Actually, I had forgotten that timeline because it was too painful to think about while I was so far away from my home.

However, as Mytria filled me in on how I, too, participated in that reality, the old guilt that I had carried was completely released. Of course, just as I finished that thought, the Transmission ended and the Arcturian turned around to address us.

"We are pleased that you understood how this message applied to you as well," the Arcturian telepathically said with that glint in Its aura. I was beginning to interpret a form of emotion that is transmitted by our dear friend, not through facial expressions but through fluctuation in Its aura.

"Yes," the Arcturian again responded to my thoughts. "You are realizing that all Life is, indeed, an energy field. Some life is encompassed by a lower dimensional holographic encasement. However, once returning into the higher dimensions, the restrictions of form are instantly replaced with the freedom of a mutable Lightbody.

"Here on the fifth-dimensional frequency of the Mothership, there is little differentiation between physical form and Lightbody, as they constantly intermingle. However, in the higher frequencies of the Ship, we fully relax into our myriad multidimensional expressions. Much as you and Mytria take off your Uniforms and relax into something more comfortable, we relax into our Lightbody, or even our pure Essence.

"Since we meet with many Beings, cultures, and frequencies of form, we usually wear a body when we are interacting with our visitors. Of course, there are some visitors who never enter the fifth-dimensional level of our Ship, and go directly into the higher frequency levels to which they are better suited. Since you and Mytria are about to engage with the ascending humans, as well as the ascension timeline of your own society, you will usually be wearing your humanoid body. 

"Are the two of you ready for bi-location to your Pleiadian reality?"

I looked at Mytria encouraging her to comment first. She responded by saying,
"Yes, I feel completely prepared for this adventure. In fact, within my memory I have two versions of our ascension. In one of these versions, I am alone as Mytre is here on the Ship, and in the other version, Mytre and I are together. I have been telling Mytre about this second version, but I would like to ask you, dear Arcturian, to explain to me a bit more about all these Parallel Realities.”

“Will we now create another reality in which Mytre and I are together during our ascension? Also, will this reality of our being together during the ascension somehow supersede or rewrite the other Parallel Realities? I must admit that I am still a bit confused by the concept of Parallel and Alternate Realities."

"Dear Mytria," spoke the Arcturian, "the concept of multiple realities is, indeed, confusing to those who still hold a form. While wearing a form you are inclined to want to encase your experiences in pictures, which you can order within your brain. However, when you are formless, you no longer have any specific areas of your body, nor do you have a body in which to archive certain pictures, actions, thoughts and/or emotions.”

“While free of form, you experience your Beingness as a swirling energy pattern in constant motion infinitely intermingling with other swirling patterns of energy.  Hence, pictures, sensations and orders of occurrence are no longer a component of your belief system. Since you concurrently experience myriad experiences and sensations of the many energy patterns with whom you constantly interact, you live in Unity Consciousness with myriad differing, yet intertwined, versions of reality within the NOW of the ONE.”

"Until you have experienced your SELF as a swirling vortex of energy, the concepts of multiple, parallel and/or alternate realities will be just beyond your complete understanding. At the same time, allowing these concepts to slowly integrate into your thoughts and emotions is an important, final stage of merging with your Higher Expressions of SELF. When you and Mytre are assisting with both the Pleiadian and the Earth ascending ones, you will be asked the same question that you are asking us now.”

"Thus, we will model for you an answer similar to one that you will give. Please realize all Beings who resonate to the higher sub-planes of the fifth dimension and beyond, perceive your Lightbody more clearly than your form. In fact, your form appears to us as a core within the Light. This core is of the same form as the body that you believe encases your light. However, in reality it is your Multidimensional Light that encases your form. You will soon have that same perception. “

"YOU may need many experiences of your true SELF before you become accustomed to seeing your higher expression of SELF more clearly than your physical core. In fact, you will not become accustomed to that vision until you are fully accustomed to identifying your "SELF" not as your lowest frequency physical core, but instead as your higher dimensional Lightbody that emanates from and surrounds that physical core.”

“You will also realize that your Lightbody does have a semblance of the form of your lower frequency body, whereas your true SELF is a swirling pattern of light.
We recommend that you both begin to be consciously aware that your humanoid form is merely a core that will be unnecessary in the higher frequencies of your reality.”

“The physical core that you will wear on the ascending worlds, as well as the lower fifth dimensional form that you wear on the Ship, are both within your Lightbody. Hence, you can store them there to wear whenever you need them. Furthermore, soon you will be storing your Lightbody within your swirling pattern of light. Thus, your many frequencies of SELF are stored within your swirling energy patterns, which is infinitely stored within the ONE.”

“We, the multidimensional beings of the Mothership, discovered that if we did not step-down the frequency of our resonance and wear a form, many of our visitors could not relate to us. Hence, we have learned to read the expectation of our visitors, and create an image that would be comforting to them. You and Mytre have escalated your frequency more than you realize. Hence, you will have to remember to create images of yourselves, and/or your Joint Image of fully merged Divine Complements, to which the ascending ones relate.”

“We will now guide you through an exercise by first being your example. You are accustomed to perceiving us in our Lightbody form, which has a semblance of a humanoid form. Watch now as we release that illusion and present our true form…"

Mytria and I watched in wonder while the illusion of the Arcturian humanoid form began to unravel into an ever-expanding vortex of light. At first the vortex was only a bit larger than the former form, but it increasingly grew larger and larger. Before we could realize it, Mytria and I were completely encompassed by the Arcturian's swirling pattern of light.

It is difficult, if not impossible, to convey the sensation of being inside of the Arcturian. I once had that experience while the Arcturian wore its Lightbody. However, even though Its Lightbody was of such a high frequency that it took my breath away. That experience was mild compared to this one.

Mytria and I instinctively held hands to double our grounding force, as well as to assist each other to remain conscious. This energy field was so very high that we were concerned that it would short-circuit our neural patterns. Fortunately, with that thought, the Arcturian lowered Its resonance just enough so that what was beginning to feel like we were disarticulating, slowly took on a feeling of unconditional love and total bliss.

We were in complete Unity, not just with the Arcturian, but with the Mothership, as well. We felt absolute unity with every element of life on the Ship. As our experience began to expand into the higher frequencies of the Ship, I became concerned for Mytria. Fortunately, within our total Unity, she felt my concern and reminded me that she had experienced being in the swirling form of a planet. In fact, as she sent me that thought, I completely felt her experience of Being a Planet.

“I could feel the Arcturian guiding me to surrender into that feeling. Instantly, I WAS our Pleiadian PLANET. In fact, I felt my impression ofBeing the Planet simultaneously with Mytria's impressions. Within the same moment, I was also the entire Mothership. The frequencies of the Mothership that I could barely tolerate before, now felt warm and embracing.

I could feel how Mytria’s consciousness of swirling energy was of a slightly different tone and hue than mine. Within the same NOW, I could feel how the Arcturian’s experience of Being the Planet was very different from Mytria's and my experience, yet augmented them both. At first I was confused by the myriad stimuli and was beginning to "fall out of the experience." However, Mytria projected her familiar reassuring energy into me, which instantly grounded me and allowed me to LET GO into the Flow.

As soon as I released my old warrior suspicion and defense mechanism, I began to relax into the Flow. It was then that I began to fully feel my own swirling energy patterns. Then, I could simultaneously feel Mytria's swirling pattern and that of the Arcturian. They were different, but blended into a beautiful tapestry of light. Within the NOW of the ONE, we were all unique expressions of the Grand Unity of Life.

I discovered that once I totally surrendered into my own energy, there was a quantum jump in my sensation of sharing two other experiences. Once I had released my concern that I would become lost within the others, instantly, there were NO others. There was only ONE expression of “WE.” We were completely intermingled into ONE, yet WE were fully aware of each of our Divine Sparks, from which the swirling patterns of light originated.

Within exact Unity, Mytria and I simultaneously KNEW every aspect of Parallel and Alternate Realities. We knew this because WE were the living possibility of every decision made manifest by our actions. We knew this because WE were ALL the living alternate expressions of SELF in every reality. With this realization, our experience slowly came to its conclusion.

Together, we observed as our vast swirling energy patters coiled back into our Lightbody. We then experienced how our Lightbody slowly constrained itself back into the lower, fifth dimensional form to which we had been limiting our sense of SELF.

As the holosuite came back into focus, we felt the Arcturian whisper into our Heart-Mind, "We are so pleased to have shared this experience with you. Soon, you will share it with others."

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD


Ute Posegga-Rudel

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2013


I AM here to tell you that all is fine. All is fine for all souls on earth, in which ever way life looks like! It does not matter whether you are conscious right now about who you are or whether you are aware of the ascension process. You all are alive in the Consciousness of the  Creator Who is Pure Love and Light.

Even if the information of the new creation has not yet manifested in your body-mind, all Are, even if still asleep, in the womb of the Divine.

There are souls, and ever more among all of you, who are bearers of light, who hold the torch of love high, who are emanations of love itself among you all. And they are creating vortexes which are igniting successively the sparks of light in the hearts of those who are now ready. And there are many and growing!  

I AM Metatron and I assure you that plans are underway to make it possible to awaken the masses in ways you would not have thought it was possible.

You see, the Divine Power of Creation is limitless! Being asleep and not aware of ones own Divinity is only a “problem” from the point of view of a duality that is based on the two pillars of light and darkness, on the pairs of opposites. So when you are standing on the side of the light you tend to feel a problem how to awaken the ones who still seem to dream  in the dark of self-forgetfulness.

However this kind of awareness is locked into the specific design of duality, but which does not exist in in the Heart of God where there is Unity and Singleness without opposites. The Divine has many ways to awaken what is Its Own. And naturally, everything is Its Own!

Therefore do not worry about “others”. Firstly, because they are all different aspects of yourself. And secondly, when you understand this, what you do is to propel your own en-lightenment. That is to allow the Divine Light to break free in your own body-mind so that your body-mind becomes Light Itself!

The more of you do this, the more lights switch on in the One Body of Humanity, the more radiant this Great Human Body of Unity becomes. So do take care about your own Divine Process. This is all you have to do. Short-circuit yourself with the Divine Heart of All and shed your light on the path so that all humanity can step into it.

Gaia is waiting for all her children and it is She Who makes sure that no one is lost.

All who read this message and desire to be awakened in their heart are called to unite with Faith their heart with the Divine Heart. And it will happen in an instant. Even if you are not aware of it, know that it happened for each one of you. And if you continue to assume the Re-Connection with your Source with faith, it will show the Signs to you very soon in your own body-mind and therefore in your life.

It is merely your mind that doubts and cannot see and feel Reality. Reality Is your in-separable connection and unity with God, the Divine, Your Source, or however you want to name the Truth in which you are arising. 

Your consent to reconnect Is the very act that makes this unity-union happen. And the process begins. Your mere agreement and willingness Is the initiation into the process of ascension that is promised to you. 

In which way your ascension will occur, do not worry about it. It can happen in many ways, including through the death process. No soul will be left behind or be forced to reincarnate again somewhere else in a 3th dimensional circumstance.  But every soul has the chance to be reborn on New Ascended Earth. And this means ascension for every soul, who is prepared for Love.

Therefore your service is important to live this Love among your human family so that Love is known again. It is the Very Force, when Real and True, that changes hearts and lives.

The experience of Real Love which is unconditional, is the  Great Catalyst that opens the heart and awakens in the being the remembrance of the soul.

I AM Metatron, and I Am here to assist your Re-Connection with your Own Divine Source, as your Re-Connection is Inherent in the Present Creation Process that Is Your Ascension. This is the Will of the Creator! And I Am a Servant of the Divine Will.

All is One Great Process and we All are taking part in It. Therefore each one of you is an integral piece of the total fabric of Divine Creation. 

Do not presume any longer separation but understand that there is Only One Light, One Consciousness, One Heart in which you all participate and play your unique part.

Therefore the One Heart of God or Divine Reality is the Totality of all your hearts, whileall your hearts are arising in That One Great Heart.   

Marvel about this More than Wonderful Divine Mystery and Be the Love that You Already Are! 

I AM AA Metatron! 

Copyright© 2013. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel,  http://radiantlyhappy.blogspot.com
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without  changes, including the title. If you have questions, please contact me via transformation33@gmail.com. Thank you.

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LIVING IN A NEW REALITY by Archangel Metatron

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 27-01-13-omna.org

Beloved shinning beacons of light on the Earth, we bow down to you with tremendous respect and
love. We, your guides, friends and loved ones of the inner planes are here to support you as you
move through an immense process of your ascension.

Maybe you feel as if you cannot or do not fully understand why certain experiences, creations and
expressions are manifesting in your reality, why you choose certain choices over others. I wish to
share with you that the instruction book, the planned circumstances by your soul, the limitations and
boundaries set for you and set by you in the past are now being cast aside. You are being rewarded
for all your devotion to your spiritual connection and awakening with the reality that is free from
limitations. There is no longer a goal to work to in a certain time, the clock is no longer ticking to
push you forward along your spiritual path, and there are no longer goals that need to be achieved in
or with certain limitations. In truth there is no longer a goal to be achieved. The boundaries,
limitations, goals and inspiration which led you through the past phase of ascension are falling away.
In truth you are being given responsibly and freedom. It could seem as if your purpose has been
taken away from you. It is far easier to energise yourself and passion to achieve certain levels of
growth when you feel that time is running short or when there is a goal post in sight. As you exist in
this new reality and phase of energy, there is no goal post for you to strive to reach in a certain time.
Your purpose remains the same, to experience oneness with the Creator and all aspects of the
Creator, to master and know yourself and therefore the Creator more fully and to open your heart to
be a channel of love and all that is the Creator. Your purpose has maybe never been so vivid but you
now have the tools, the time, the freedom to achieve these goals as you wish, where you wish, with
who you wish and in the time that you wish.

Ascension for you could take four days, five months, sixteen years or in truth as long as you choose.
There are no set rules as to how long ascension should take, whether you achieve it in a group or as
an individual, whether you choose to ask for help or not. There is no longer a wrong and right. In truth
everything that you have held onto as truth in your reality and realisations about your spiritual self and
practices is falling away. As if you are being suspended in space or suspended in energy. You are
supported, loved and have the ability to choose and create all that you need in order to move further
beyond limitations and boundaries. It may feel as if pre created security is now falling away. With
greater freedom come experiences of being, having, doing, existing as nothing or without
restrictions. In the past even time has brought you security and yet you notice that time doesn’t have
the same meaning any longer. You are being given and are creating your freedom, which is one of
the greatest gifts of this new phase.

You may wish to contemplate the many situations, thoughts, perceptions and understandings that
you hold on to in your reality to create a deeper sense of security. Allow yourself to see this as your
creation alone and that they do serve you in awakening the power, strength and immense love within
your being. Do you actually need security in your reality? Do you need to create boundaries and
limitations? Do you need to recognise your limitless self and expansive being? I ask that you take
time to practice this contemplation and self-discovery within your reality, if only once, to assist you in
releasing from your being, energy and perspective energetic habits and patterns from the past.

With the quality of greater freedom that you have accepted within your reality so it may also bring up
aspects of your reality, personality and creations that do not serve you or offer you freedom. As
these aspects of yourself come to the surface to be released it can seem that you are being
encaged and have less freedom than before. You begin to see yourself in many new ways which
may not always be pleasant to witness. Some people may feel that they have more issues to deal
with and heal than before 2012. The energy of freedom and responsibility is awakening new aspects
of your being that wish to be healed and released.

Freedom for a light workers and awakened soul of the Creator is a powerful lesson to overcome and
digest. You all expect and desire freedom but also fear freedom due to its ability of allowing you to
access your power and sacred abilities. No longer is anything in your way, blocking you or hindering
you, only what you choose to create. No longer is anything pushing and driving you forward and yet
you are placed in the centre of freedom with the opportunity to choose whatever you wish. It can be
an experience of exhilaration but also of being fearful.  There is also the question which many light
workers face, which is how does one experience and interpret freedom and what does one choose
to create? Through many lifetimes on the Earth you have been limited, restricted, condemned and
maybe even abused for trying to be your truth, now is the time to truly let go of these past energies,
understanding that you have the freedom to choose to create what you wish. If so with many
opportunities and possibilities available how does one choose what they wish to create?

The guidance, knowingness and truth of the soul is extremely important in this energy of freedom,
your guides also act to you as a mirror of your soul and its guidance. Do not be afraid to ask or to
follow the inspiration within you, it is this inspiration that will lead you to the experience of greater
freedom. You may find at first that your personality isn’t satisfied with the guidance shared from
within your being, but the perspective and desires of your personality also need to shift to bring
greater happiness, joy, love and peace within your being.

You may also notice that due to the greater sense and energy of freedom that you are more aware of
the consequence of your actions, thoughts and creations. Your awareness of the consequences of
your situation is your own creation to assist you in choosing and understanding what is appropriate
for you. You truly understand when you have created a situation that doesn’t serve you, but it is often
that you see it as a failing when in actual fact it helps you understand yourself more fully, you begin to
recognise your own vibration, realising when you create something that is not from your true vibration
but is from a limited aspect of yourself. It is in this moment and phase of ascension that you are truly
being allowed to experiment. This stage of ascension has been chosen by you because you have
mastered abilities of connecting with the Creator, your truth and you have a beautiful understanding
and desire to create love. In truth you can trust yourself to deal with the freedom, the responsibility
and choices with and from the purest sense of love which will ensure that you do not harm or cause
pain to yourself or others. It is a very beautiful reality and stage of ascension that is now unfolding for
you to experience. Enjoy the feeling of no longer being pushed to achieve goals, of no longer having
boundaries and limitations. Enjoy the process of your own boundaries and limitations created by you
coming to the surface and most of all enjoy becoming one and getting to know yourself more fully. It
may be time to realise the reality that you are currently experiencing on the Earth, the game like
quality and the powerful ability that you hold in your choices and your ability to manifest.

I am aware that there are many messages and interpretations within my message and
communication with you but I wish for you to realise that you have the most beautiful gift within you of
knowingness. Your ability to simply know the most perfect choice, truth and manifestation instantly
within your being which will serve you and all aspects of the Creator is most beautiful and
tremendously powerful, so allow yourself to use it well within your reality.

I wish to share with you an invocation to be of service to you,

‘Archangel Metatron, Beloved Creator, my soul and soul group, I call your presence and love forward
to support and love me unconditionally. I ask you to assist me in listening with greater care and
clarity to the intuition and knowingness within my being. I recognise my knowingness as guidance
from the Creator which brings me freedom, truth and greater experiences of love. I accept my inner
knowingness and am able to interpret it into my reality with ease with each new day upon the Earth.

I ask to accept the energies of freedom from the Creator deeper into my being. I realise and
acknowledge I am the energy of freedom, I willingly dissolve all boundaries and limitations of my
creation and let go of all energies, situations or people that represent security or a false security.

I realise that I have a powerful tool and ability of choice and manifestation; I ask that my ability is
always aligned with the truth and love of the Creator and my soul. Support me as I adjust to the
energy and reality of greater freedom allowing myself to become an expansive and limitless beacon
of light. Assist me in understanding and experiencing this phase of freedom with tremendous ease
and perfection.
Thank you.’

With blissful blessings,
Archangel Metatron

Sunday, January 27, 2013


JANUARY 27, 2013
Greetings dear ones. We speak to you in this time of change and fear, for many are still holding on to fears which in turn push them to make less that perfect choices. This is not a criticism, but simply an observation of the world's state of consciousness. It is perfectly understandable that you would experience fear, for all around you are the signs of war, death, and violence. However, these appearances can take you deeper should you choose.
Use these times to evaluate your belief systems, asking yourselves; "What is it that I believe? What is it that I wish to create in my life? What am I still holding on to that I now know is not truth?" If you wish to change the manifestation of that which is not of the highest light in your lives and your world, then these questions must be seriously pondered. Too many simply sit and wait for others to do the work of changing the outer scene. The material world (that which you can see, hear, taste, touch, and smell) is the manifestation of spiritual reality, but as interpreted according to the states of consciousness of those in the world. Where one sees a magnificent living forest, another sees only the money to be had in cutting it all down.
When you understand this, you will also understand the great hope embodied within the constitution of the United States. This document was brought into being by illumined souls who were being guided from this side because the world was ready to bring in a new awareness, new ways of living, and a new and higher sense of life. However, as with all truth, much of it was and still is being interpreted according to less evolved states of consciousness resulting in its often being misused and misinterpreted.
Be aware dear ones, that you are here to learn and grow and evolve, not to simply for enjoyment and pleasure. Joy is an important part of living because it most closely resonates with the energy of the higher dimensions, but living only for the pleasure and satisfactions of life on earth is not joy.
This topic we are choosing to talk about today is anger for anger has become a dominant energy among so many individuals, countries, and societies. Anger arises out of the third dimensional belief of duality and separation. There are many occasions when one indeed needs to speak up and state their truth or take action, but we are speaking of the general invasive anger based on appearances now permeating the earth. This subject is rarely talked about in channels, but we believe that there must be a correct understanding of anger in order for the spiritual student to move beyond it in its negative form.
Anger energy holds many in bondage to events, experiences, and people from the past, and needs to be released if one is to spiritually evolve. Anger energy can form energetic cords to people , places, and events which often stay in place from lifetime to lifetime. These need to be consciously removed and this can be done through intention and visualization or by a spiritually evolved energy worker. You will know if you have energetic cords to someone or something by the negative or even positive reactions you experience when thinking or being with them. Energetic cords connect you to someone or something in a more intense way.
Anger is the fuel of war, and frequently holds whole countries in bondage to the past-- generation after generation. It is an obsolete energy that acts to prevent individuals and governments from ever moving forward. Anger results from the misunderstanding of groups, individuals, countries, ideas, and anything that does not fit in with one's personal concepts. It permeates many organized religions, serving only to separate people in what could be a time of great awakening.
We do not say you are never to speak your truth, or that you must agree with everyone, but we say that the time has come for the world to embrace dialog and understanding of others' points of view instead of looking to violence or a stubborn refusal to compromise for solutions.
There are still many countries that hold anger and grudges toward those of another country for events of the past, teaching their children to hate and hold obsolete and finished energy from one generation to the next. This is what keeps people and countries from evolving and bringing in the new earth you seek dear ones, for the Light of that new world you desire cannot manifest in an ever renewing heavy block of dense energy.
This is not a message urging all to become door mats, or to simply ignore situations while saying; "Oh well, God is all, it isn't real" for this is indeed "human". We are simply alerting you to the subtle energy of anger that at this time you are unaware is underlying many of your choices and ideas.
Speak your truth, take whatever human footsteps are needed to change things to a higher level-- bringing light to those issues that need changing, but do it with an energy of awakened understanding and not the energy of anger. Anger energy imbues the object of the anger with power and reality.
Strong words or actions may need to be taken in some circumstances, but when they carry the energy of awareness, they hold a different resonance than when done in an energy of hate or anger. This way of working starves the energy of anger which will in turn lesson and finally disappear for it is only the false concepts of duality and separation that keep it alive.
We are the Arcturian Group 1/27/13

Through Marylin Rafaelle

Saturday, January 26, 2013



Transmissions from the Arcturian Mothership

Multiple Realities 6

The Embryo of SELF

Our Dearest Ones,

You are now gestating your Embryo of SELF within your field of consciousness. This Embryo is the expression of your true, Multidimensional SELF who will lead you through your process of personal and planetary ascension. Many of our ascending ones went through great doubt when the proposed time of ascension came and went like a cloud crossing the sky. What you did not see was what was occurring within your SELF, as you were looking into the hologram instead of into the Truth.

This Truth is different for each one of you, which is the glory of your myriad incarnations in a world of polarity and individuality. This individuality allowed you to find a personal expression of your Being, which is somewhat unique in the Multiverse. As you have seen, there are many negative side effects of the degree of individuality that your world has experienced.

The main negative side effect is the loss of connection to your Multidimensional SELF. The individuality that your world has taught you has cast you into your own perception of reality, which is often different from that of those with whom you share your life. These varying perceptions of reality can easily cause strife, which has been so very common. However, if you now turn around inside of your SELF, you will see that this individuality is yet another version of the many illusions in which you have lived.

Inside of your SELF is the YOU who created the illusion of the separation, which led to the appearance of individuality. We speak of the illusion that whatever each one of you does, thinks, feels, desires or expresses, affects you and you only. On the other hand, when you look onto the matrix, which is the format for the illusions of separation in your world, you will see that you are all completely and infinitely connected.

Your individuality is actually your personal spark-point in the Matrix through which you are inter-connected to every other individual spark-point. Within the Embryo of your SELF you can perceive how your spark-point allows you to interact with the Matrix that connects you to every other spark-point. In fact, from within the Matrix you can see the flow of energy that is sharing its perceptions of SELF through their personal spark-point.

Therefore, we ask that you use your wonderful imagination to turn your eyes around and push open the curtain to see who is creating the illusion. Yes, the creator of your illusion is YOU. Do you see how your individuality allows each of you to see the same flow of energy in a slightly different way? Do you understand how each of you share your interpretation of the same flow and project it out through your spark-point and into the illusion of your 3D reality?

Furthermore, you each believe that you are different. Hence, you take on many different roles to create variety in the reality that you are ALL creating. However, you forgot that you ALL are creating this reality. You have forgotten that you live in a vast tapestry that is constructed of over 7-billion spark-points that are all projecting their perception onto the illusion of your physical world. You have all done such a fine job of creating your reality that you forgot that your world is an illusion.

You forgot that if you turned your mind around you could see, not the holographic picture that was created by each Spark-Point, but the Matrix of your holographic screen. In fact, we ask you to NOW turn your mind around. Turn your emotions around. Turn your perceptions around. Place your attention and intention, not on the tapestry of projected light, but on the light that is being projected out through your spark-point.

If you do so you will realize that YOU are each projectors of light. You are each movie cameras who are projecting your perceptions of reality onto the holographic tapestry of third dimensional reality. Each of you is projecting your individual experience of reality out through your individual portal, spark-point, and onto the holographic screen of the third dimensional illusion. Then, somehow, you each must find a way to pull the over 7-billion different projections into some cohesive form of reality asyou know.

However, each of YOU only knows reality through your own, individual interpretation of a huge collage with over 7-billion pictures. Do you understand now why there are certain pictures that do not peacefully flow into the next picture? Do you realize now why certain pictures are very big, as that spark-point wants the dominate the holographic screen, while other pictures are very small pictures as that spark-point want to be as invisible as possible?

However, not ONE of you is invisible to your Higher Expression of SELF. Not ONE of you is insignificant to your Multidimensional SELF. Your Multidimensional SELF does not exist within the holographic image that you have thought of as your reality. Your SELF flows within the matrix which is the foundation of the reality that you believe is "real."  Your SELF knows that your reality is only a holographic projection and that only YOU are real.

You are real because YOU are the projection from your Multidimensional SELF. You do not know that you are a projection onto this huge "video game" because you have become lost in your avatar self, your individual holographic projection. You forgot that your spark-point is a window through which you can look into the hologram, a door through which you can join the video game.

Most important, you forgot that your spark-point determines what version of the game you are playing. When you "wake up" in the morning, you find yourself in the avatar body that you believe is your individual self. However, you forgot that this game is a collective game, and every single input into the game is displayed onto the holographic screen that you think is YOUR world.

Your Embryo of SELF is the YOU that quietly whispers to your spark-point to remind you that you do not have to log into that holographic illusion. It is just a game. Do you want to be the one who plays the game and thinks it is real? Or, do you want to be your SELF? Your Multidimensional SELF is projecting its light through your spark-point to interact with and contribute to the tapestry of over 7-billion individual versions of the reality that is cast onto the holographic screen.

Ascension is not the video game, as this game is not real. Ascension is turning around inside your Embryo of SELF to log into your Multidimensional SELF rather than the holographic game. What would that be like, you wonder? What would it be like to awaken one morning to find yourself logged into the holographic game and realize that the game is not real? At that point will you know that YOU are real? Will you know that the Essence of each person, plant animal and planetary structure is real?

The Multidimensional Projector who sends its light into the Matrix to be projected out through one of its myriad spark-points is real. However, each spark-point puts their personal perception of reality onto that Light. All these projections, which adhere to the tapestry of over 7-billion experiences of reality, are a holograph. Do you want to be the projection of your version of reality, or do you want to be the Multidimensional Projector who projects the Truth into the Matrix?

What would you see if you turned around inside yourself to look, not into the hologram, but into your Multidimensional Projector SELF? If you could BE your SELF you could consciously project your Light into the Matrix, then consciously receive that multidimensional light and project it out through your spark-point.

We are aware that you are all very attached to your holographic game. In fact, we, your Higher Expressions of SELF, are also attached to this game. We want this game to have a happy ending as much as you do. However, we know that it is a game and that it is not REAL. We also know that each spark-point is only one of over 7-billion spark-points who are projecting their version of reality onto the holographic screen.

Most of these spark-points are projecting a version of reality based on third-dimensional illusions because they have not yet remembered that they are their SELF. Hence, they only know the reality that is projected onto the holographic screen. Therefore, they do not realize that they can logout of the game whenever they are tired of being an individual that is separate from over 7-billion other individuals. They do not know that they have played this gave over and over and over and over. When the avatar self “dies,” they finally get to logout of the game.

Fortunately, many of you, our ascending ones, are projecting your multidimensional light and unconditional love into the game, but you are very tired of this game. However, you do no want to lose the game. You do not want to abandon the game and let it crash. You want to WIN the game. You want to win the game by remembering that it is not real. You want to remember that YOU are the Multidimensional Projector of Light and not just another individual spark-point that believes the game is real.

In other words, you want to be the Embryo of your Multidimensional SELF. You want your Embryo SELF to ascend into another magnificent expression of YOUR immense multidimensional light and unconditional love. Therefore, instead of logging back into the game each morning and forgetting your SELF, you want to start each morning-login by reminding your individual self that YOU are NOT the projection!

YOU are the Multidimensional Projector who consciously logs into the game, consciously puts on your avatar self and consciously remembers that YOU are the projector and NOT the projection. Now, we would like you to also remember that your Projector SELF is one of our lower frequencies of expression. YOU are one of us, the Galactics, Celestials and Ascended Masters, at a lower frequency of our Multidimensional SELF.

As our lower frequency of SELF, you have created and/or maintained an individual expression so that WE can login to Planet Earth Hologram. We, your Higher SELF, want to win this game too. We do NOT want the game to end with our dark-side avatar self never awakening. We do NOT want to end this game with our ascending avatar dying before you live the glorious experience of planetary ascension.

We realize that you, our avatar selves, need our help. We understand now that we made the game too difficult. We created a game to see if beings could become totally separated into individuals, and still remember their Higher Expression of SELF. This game was too difficult for anyone to win because too many dark-ones decided tonever remember their light. Therefore, we have made a holographic insert into our game to assist our spark-point’s avatar self.

This holographic insert is the option for you to remember that YOU are OUR projection into the Matrix. We realize that if you are to win this game, you will have to remember that you are a great multidimensional being. Therefore, if you can turn inside to consciously perceive our magnificent multidimensional light and unconditional love being projected into you, you can use your spark-point as a light portal through which YOU can be the Projector of our Higher Light and Love.

More and more of our spark-points have come to the final level of this game. This final level is known as “The Ascension Home.” We want you to know that we are projecting as much of our collective light and love into YOU as you can tolerate. In this manner, we are be able to awaken the sleeping avatars, transform the dark-side avatars and bring your Embryo of SELF into full awareness.

Dear ascending ones, do you understand now why you are so very tired and why you need so much sleep? Do you understand now why you are suffering so many symptoms of transformation (illness) and/or feel agitated, nervous, anxious and/or depressed? Your small, low frequency avatar body is being stressed to the maximum.

Fortunately, YOU can merge into us, your Higher Expressions, to recharge and expand your consciousness so that you can consciously accept and project our multidimensional light and unconditional love into OUR shared game. Of course, ALL life is real. However, the illusion of life is not real because it is a distortion of energy patterns. These distorted energy patterns resonate to the very low frequency of the third and fourth dimensions.

On the other hand, with this new insert, we can project our multidimensional light and unconditional love into YOU, our Embryos of SELF. Then, you can project our Light onto the 3D hologram. In this manner, you become a Multidimensional Projector of the highest frequencies of light, which is unconditional love. This projection of Light and Love into you, and then into the hologram, will increasingly transmute the illusion of separation and polarity into the Truth of Unity and Oneness.

We end this transmission by reminding you to remain conscious of what you project into the hologram. You are our representatives and have the innate ability to transmute illusion into Truth. Thus, when you awaken in the morning, please take a moment to consciously remember who you really are! Carry this remembrance throughout your day. Then, when you “fall asleep,” you logout of the 3D Game and can return Home to us.

Blessings from The Arcturians and ALL your Higher Expressions of SELF

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD