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"The Interstellar Enneagram” highlights / A Bashar Planetary Message

We will now take you through on the vibrational history and give you, a more complete picture the vibrational relationships that you have ongoing on a variety of levels with these civilizations and dimensions of consciousness.

So as many of you already understand, the Anunnaki are the extra terrestrial civilization generally responsible for the alteration of your genetic structure ... which was to aid and assist them in mining minerals gold in particular that would allow them to alter the weather patterns have their own planet and make adjustments in that way to their energy fields .

Now, the group of Anunnaki that actually visited your world, that was originally consigned to find those minerals and bring them back to their home world, were actually to begin with, assigned to simply do this task themselves, eventually they found that this was something that was relatively difficult for them to do on their own and so they believe they needed what you would call a workforce in order to aid in this system.

And knowing that there was a natural indigenous being upon the planet that was similar in form to them, they understood that they could genetical alter it to aid and assist them in this way by upgrading it so to speak to something more similar to their own form and thus by creating that force, to work in the mines to extract the gold and other minerals ... that they require eventually also developing a long-term relationship with them in a variety of ways even to the point of companionship many many years after that.

Now, this began somewhere around 500,000 up your years ago in the general area is that you call the Middle East and the African continent and those branches of the hominid species that were not alter genetically by the Anunnaki... evolved on their own in parallel to the human beings on your planet that the Anunnaki had created and those that were not altered eventually evolved into the form you now call Sasquatch.

So the idea is that if you had not been altered at all, today you would all be Sasquatch.

But because you were altered - because you were evolved in that way - you became human beings.

Our Relationship to the Essassani and Ya’yel civilizations

We continue this transmission with the idea called the "interstellar Enneagram", now the idea of the Ya’yel or in our ancient language the first ones will be that they were created last of the five hybrid races and in being created last in being, in a sense the newest version to be created, they are more similar to your human beings than we are, and much more similar to your human beings than the first hybrid race is, so in that sense that is why they will be the first ones you will meet so as to buffer your experience of extraterrestrial contact with the civilization that has a lot of similarity to you, so it will not be too alien for you to assimilate the idea of interacting with them. 

Your world very quickly in years to come, after open contact occurs with the Ya'yel will begin to accelerate in ways that will allow you very rapidly to transform yourself and shift yourself to parallel versions of earth that are really far more representative of what you dream the earth can be because, that dream does exist, that dream is real, it exists right now and all you need to do is shift yourself that frequency in order to experience the reflection of that reality.

Our Relationship to the Sirius, Arcturus and Pleiadian civilizations

The idea of the Sirius, Arcturus and Pleiadian energy represents in a sense the future, where you are headed ... beginning with Sirius that which is a non-physical consciousness and that which actually inhabits a physical planet which is represented by a race of amphibious style beings, similar in a sense to what you would recognize on your planet as a kind of salamander-ish sort of beings. There's a lot of water on their planet, they go in and out of it... stay in it quite long duration in periods though they can exist outside of it. They have visited your earth in ancient times and one of the visitations that has been recorded in your history that is now coming to prominence, now coming to light for some time is the civilization that you know of as the Dogon and this Dogon civilization met with many of the beings from Sirius, these amphibious beings, and these meetings were recorded and the Sirius beings taught many things to the tribes of the Dogon on your planet; agriculture, mathematics, celestial phenomenology and so forth and this is now recorded in what you are discovering in the Dogon traditions.

We will now move straight to the Pleiadian energy, the idea is that you have had some encounters on your planet with these humanoid beings that are in a sense your cousins they are a direct offshoot up the idea of the original Orion-dia-spora... when they transform themselves from negative to positive and spread among the stars in a positive way... they also went to the Lyrian stars systems, and develop civilizations there , but eventually also went to some the Pleiadian stars systems and developed civilizations there... they are to some degree the best representation of what your planet will become physiologically when you develop the idea of star travel, when you develop the idea of a unified earth in a positive way - when you develop the ideas a free-energy - when you develop the ideas of true familiar sisterhood and brotherhood on your planet.

it will be very very similar of course still unique, but very similar to the idea of the way the Pleiadian societies exist now so they are in a sense a very good society to mirror vibrationally because it is really they who represent your best potential in fourth density transformational physical reality and in allowing herself to absorb this energy and to
really allow yourself to - FEEL- that you do in fact on your planet still live among the stars.

Remember even though we may seem alien to you - you are all aliens to us! so you also inhabit a planet among the stars
and two other species you are just as alien as other species may seem to you, so by mirroring and matching the vibration of the Pleiadian you start to really take your place in that Galactic Alliance in a way that is representative of your full potentials as physical beings on the planet Earth as you are becoming the sixth hybrid race.

~ Excerpts from Bashar. org

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